Our Fleet of Delivery Trucks

Texas Roofing Supply Fleet

TRS offers a variety of ways to get our products to your jobsite. Our entire fleet of brand new, 2015 Peterbuilts will get our products to you both reliably and in style.

Traditional Delivery

Our rigs combined with Princeton PBX PiggyBacks with extendable forks allow our drivers to unload our trucks from either side of the street. This prevents circling around in a crowded neighborhood, or having to try to maneuver your product across a busy street. We invested in the upgraded forklifts and our customers receive the dividends every day.

Roof Load

TRS Fleets’ Crown Jewel is our 2015 Peterbuilt Roofloader. We can get your materials up to five stories high without the use of faulty conveyor belts or antiquated drywall cranes. Our roofloader has a waist mounted, remote controlled receiver that allows our drivers to have both an optimal and safe view to operate the crane. This allows us to quickly get your materials where you want them with a full focus on safety.