About Texas Roofing Supply

Texas Roofing Supply is a wholesale distributor of roofing products located on the edge of Fort Bend County in Meadows Place Texas. We specialize in catering to roofing contractors and builders who install roofing products on a daily basis. Texas Roofing Supply is the brainchild of our CEO. After spending 10 years as a contractor and 7 years as a roofing supply salesman at ABC and then SRS, he was ready to fill a gap in the market that truly put THE CUSTOMER FIRST... In order to do that successfully with no bad habits TRS started from the ground up. We have been in business since 2014 and have had a TRUE DAVID & GOLIATH STORY. The roofing/construction industry refers to the Houston market as the "LAND OF THE GIANTS”, which refrences our multi-billion dollar competitors in this market and our backyard. We are the "LITTLE GUY” that everyone laughed at and picked on at recess so to say... We were told: you are too small, you don’t have enough trucks, you don’t have enough capital and you don’t have enough vendor support, you WON’T LAST 6 month. Just like David, we were small and our competitors are big...VERY BIG. They are publically traded, spend more on racing sponsorship than we sell in a year, 4 tiers of local managers, private jets,and funding of political parties-big....GOLIATHS!
Unlike David we left our slingshots home. We faced our Goliath’s with customer service in one hand and superior underrepresented products in the other...We are not trying to sell every roofer. Just the BEST ones that care about customer service, knowledge, quality and value to pass on to their customers...The Homeowner. Our partnerships include the City of Meadows Place, our manufacturer partnerships and most importantly our contractor and builder partners. We are very grateful to our customers. We’ve met so many roofing contractors who were tired of losing jobs to other contractors, simply because they were offering one of the "Goliath” national brands instead of PABCO Roofing Products with algae defender. This just helps further our message... Simply put, roofing shingles have changed on the national scale. They are now a lot more lightweight due to increased cost of asphalt and shipping. They tend to rapidly and drastically lose that "at first” appearance due to the costs associated with copper. So, if you have a manufacturer and their partners still producing a product that last 20+ years and look the same as the day you bought it...well, we just think that is a story WORTH telling.
We don’t have shareholders. Unlike some of the other fellows down the street, we are a true Mom & Pop business. We don’t report quarterly earnings to Wall Street. We don’t have to answer to private equity fund managers looking for anyway to cut costs or increase prices at our customers expense. We do what is best for the long-term success of our company, and more importantly what is best for the long term relationships we have with our customers.
We are in the business of making money with our customers, NOT at their expense. Whether you buy a roof a month or 30 roofs a day, we are committed to treating you with the respect, professional courtesy and product knowledge you deserve.
Brian L. Slay